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Stacked Column chart (Power BI Desktop vs Web)


I have an issue about Stacked Column chart and publishing.

I have created a Stacked Column chart which Y axis was Off on Power BI Desktop.

In this situation, the height of columns matches the height of object.


But, after publishing, the height of columns is lower than the height of object.(The height is the same as one which Y axis is ON)

Do you know the reason of this defferences?




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Definately, something went wrong with stacked charts.

We have a staked area chart with a Constant Line and after october update the areas do not fit into the chart area in Service. It's still working in Desktop mode correctly. I assume that the issue is with Constant Line, because when I remove it, the chart is shown correctly. 

See examples below (Y axis bounds: from 0 to Auto):



I've tried to re-create the chart from scratch, to change it to stacked bars, but it do not help. The issue appears as soon as I add constant lines.


Once again, before October update, it was working correctly.

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Definitely!!!!!, something went wrong with stacked charts.

Same issue, the staked area is not shown in Published but I can see it in Desktop app.

I also have a constant line and when added to the chart the whole thing is gone in Published BI... when I remove the constant line the chart appear in Published BI...

This happened this week... I guess the update of BI went wrong... but this affect Published Charts published at any time... even published before this week all staked charts with constant lines just disappeared.

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@antongalitsky this may not be an option for you, but I found that when I remove the y-axis start value and set it back to "auto" then the charts stop being cut off at the constant line when published to the service


I have a similar issue with line chart getting truncated. 

This is with the Y scale being set to Auto (both ends) and with a contant line.  Started with the October version deployment on the web service.  It seems to work if I set the scale to display.



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@alindquist , yes "Auto-Auto" Y axis is not being cut off. We decided to use this mode as a temporal workaround, until the issue is fixed. Thank you!

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Same here, spent most of yesterday morning thinking I had broken my visual and trying to fix it only to come to the conclusion that it must have been the Oct release. Constant line seems to be issue for me as I want y and axis switched off.

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Thank you all!!!


I've tried Y-axis settings '0 to Auto' and Y-axis turned OFF.

Then, Web-view is as the same as Power BI Desktop finally!