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Sorting on breakdown attribue of waterfall chart not working

I am using the new breakdown option on waterfall charts. Unfortunately sorting the breakdown dimension does not work. It is possible to select it for sorting but the breakdown elements willl still  ordered by size of the breakdown elements (in decreasing order).


Any idea?


Best regards


Status: Accepted
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@Torrubias I agree with you about trying to breakdown by period. However, the more I think about what the waterfall chart is, the more I understand why it doesnt.  It's a bridge and in your example, imagine how the bridge would look if it was sorted by period.  You could argue that it would not be a waterfall/bridge anymore.



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Hi can we have this implemented please. I want the waterfall to visualise period on period changes. 

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Would really love if it can be implemented. Currently I'm doing one. After accepting the fact that the breakdown will show items for highest and lowest (according to number of breakdown chosen), it does skipped some of the amount among highest and lowest variances for I don't know what reason which is really unfavourable. For me, the simpler the better.

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any updates on this topic?