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Solved - Power Query table merge results "not existing" value


I merge two tables with left outer join and it is bringing false result.


Here is my example: 

I have a dummy "Table" with one row that I merge with table "Payment data" to get the value date.

Payment data table originally had duplicated rows and I kept only those lines that had the latest Value date. For the example I additionally filtered it down to the only one row that I would like to see in the result after the merge (as you can see on the screenshot).


Making the merge I am getting a result where the value date is 16/01/2020 (instead of 22/01/2020) that I already filtered out long before from Payment data table.


Why? It should not be like this.

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I kept looking for answer and finally found the solution: 

As I used Index in the payment data to keep only the latest Value date I need to add a Table.Buffer() in the end of the query.


I found the solution here:


Community Support



Glad to hear that. Thanks for sharing the solution.