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recently I have connected to new datasets by Snowflake connector. In the Desktop, there is everything okay. But after upload to the Service, I have got this error:

Underlying error code: -2147467259
Underlying error message: 'Role' are not valid Snowflake options. Valid options are: 'ConnectionTimeout, CommandTimeout, CreateNavigationProperties'


Later I realized it was caused by this part of Power Query which was automatically created:
Source = Snowflake.Databases("name_of_database", "name_of_warehouse", [Role=null, CreateNavigationProperties=null, ConnectionTimeout=null, CommandTimeout=null])

Thank you in advance for correcting this issue!


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The Snowflake connector supports Custom Roles beginning with the February 2021 release of Power BI Desktop.


please input the role name or try to delete "Role=null," in power query then test it again.


also have a look this:





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Hi @vitova_bootiq ,


Was it resolved?

For my case if I remove the Roll=null then it works, but if I put Role name which is being assigned to mein snowflake then too it provides same error!

Also checked below link and admin has put 

external_oauth_any_role_mode = 'ENABLE'

so in this case it should work after specifying the Role value, but still gives same error!

Any thoughts/suggestions  @v-lili6-msft