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Smartsheet Connector Bug in August 2021 Update

The Smartsheet Connector in the August 2021 update does not recognize any supported browsers when trying to connect. The dialogue boxes request that the user update their browser so that the authentication process with Smartsheet can be used.


I have tried all browsers and have verified that I was using the latest versions of those browsers and the Smartsheet Connector is still not working. The Smartsheet Connector works fine in the July 2021 version of Power BI, and I have switched back to that version.

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Community Support

Hi @Anonymous ,

Could not reproduce it in my side as far as my test.

The latest version of August Power BI Desktop is 8/24 version that you can try it if you tested with other August version of Power BI Desktop.


Best Regards,
Community Support Team _ Yingjie Li


New Member

Happening with version April 2021 as well.

Is there a way to force Power BI to use a supported browser for logging in as it appears to be using Internet Explorer which is now unsupported by Smartsheet?  Making Edge/Chrome as a default browser does not fix the issue.

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Hi, there is an easy fix. Launch Internet Explorer, then click “Compatibility View Settings” and add to the list. Return to BI desktop and you should be OK.

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@AndrewHasman Thank you! Your solution works!! 😀

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Not working here. Script error, I say yes then getting syntax error