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Smart Filter by OKViz customer filter is not working fine after July 2017 update


After July 2017 service update, the configuration done for Smart filter got replaced by default settings in PowerBI service. Changes and format done for smart filter has been gone, it is affecting all our reports.


Behaviour of the filter has also been changed,


1. On selection of drop down list, two filters get opened parallely.  To close the list we have to click the drop down list again

2. On setting of "Send to back", while clicking drop down list is going behind the visual before selecting the values

3. On setting of "Bring to front", it will hide other visual behind no transperncy was there.







Could you please check the bug at the earliest??

Status: Accepted

hello, any updates on the smart filter issue?


many thanks,



hello, any updates or alternative to smart filters not working?


thank you,




It's working OK for me now.  I haven't downloaded a new version of the visual from OKVIz so I assume it was fixed at the Microsoft end.  



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Hello All,


I am facing similar issues. When i use drop down to select values, values are hidding out on back of other visuals. This issue is happening only in Internet Explorer. I tried in Google Chrome and Firefox, i can select values with no issues.  Can you please help us in resolving the issues.



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I'm having the same issues again as @manojsv16 .  I'm seeing the issue in Chrome, Safari and Firefox. The visual obscures other visuals if you bring it to the front, and if you don't bring it to the front, you can't see the values in the dropdown. Please fix; it makes this filter almost unuseable.