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Slow Publishing - 40minutes

Hi PBI, 

Lately I have noticed slowness in publishing PBI. I have a 120MB PBI file and took 40minutes to publish..suggesting an uploading speed of 0.05Mbps.. What is interesting is my 8MB file takes less than 30sec  0.26Mbps.. Can you help? 

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Do you have any other PBIX file which has similar size? You can have another try with different file to see if it is file specific, or it is always slow during publishing large PBIX files.


Best Regards,


Impactful Individual
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Resolver II

thank you..As per your recomendation,  We tried a similar size file and publishing improved.  

So I believe PBI users (in event of slow publish) should do an internet speed test (search in google) and ascertain if there is an upload speed issue .