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Slider Reverting to Default (Focus Mode / Slicer)

Hi Team,


The current slider has an issue when selections are made that cause some funkiness in the UI. For example:


Use the years of 1999-2014 for the years in a report. Then change the years to 2015-2016. If you try to adjust the beginning year first, since 2015 is larger than the end of the original year spread (2014), it will not accept it and reverts to 1999. The user is forced to type in the ending year first, then the beginning. Can this be adjusted so that the user can enter the preferred years without having it default back to the previous selection?



Status: Delivered

Hi @KyleWilliamsBMI,


I think it's expected. Start value should be always less than end value, otherwise, slicer will change to last step valid start value automatically. 


For your requirement, you can submit a feedback here


Best Regards,
Qiuyun Yu 

Established Member
Status changed to: Delivered