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Slider Bug: Data Filter Disappears

I noiced if I had my slider stretched out to the earliest time period something funny was going on with my data. My data is in in a TY/LY format with weeks spanning 201826 - 201849 ( LY ) and 201926 - 201949 ( TY ). On this particualr page I'm not trying to show any year over year measures but simply TY data ( 201926 - 201949) so I inserted my week into the slider and used the filter pane to select >= 201926.


Everything works great until I pull the left most slider back all the way. It starts pulling in data begining from 201826 instead of 201926.









The week counts in the left table are used to illustrate the problem. The first two are used to calculate the distinct week count for their defined period while the last is a simple distinct count of the sales tables weeks. It doesn't matter which table I filter, Calendar or Sales, when I select 201926 it automatically pulls in data from LY. Bumping up the the minimum week on the filter pane for the slider appeared to work but as soon as you take it up and then down, it reverts to the same problem.


I'm showing week counts but this also affects the sales measures and basically doubles them in size because they now pick up 2018's data as well as 2019's. I have checked the edit interactions and all is well. Everything is connected and on as it should be.


Please let me know if there is a solution or if this is a legit bug.

Thanks you,




Week Count Post = 
    DISTINCTCOUNT( 'Calendar'[WM_Week] ),
    KEEPFILTERS( 'Calendar'[Time_period] = "Post Period" )
Week Count Total = 
    DISTINCTCOUNT( 'Sales'[WM_Week] ),
    KEEPFILTERS( 'Calendar'[WM_Week] >= 201926 )
Simple Distinct Count Test = 


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Community Support

Hi @SizzlingBoots


Please share pbix file with use. Do remove sensitive data in the report, upload pbix file to your OneDrive, set the "Anyone can view" permission then share the link with us here. 


Best Regards,
Qiuyun Yu

Advocate I

Hi @v-qiuyu-msft and thank you for responding.

Here is a link to my google drive with the file. IT has the work One Drive bolted down.


Community Support

Hi @SizzlingBoots


Thank you for your report. The same issue has been reported by other users before, this is currently by design, see:


In your scenario, I would suggest you remove visual filter on the slicer, then set the page level filter. 


Best Regards,
Qiuyun Yu