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Slicer values not working properly with row level security

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by juanjoseblancob Frequent Visitor on ‎11-14-2018 06:05 PM



Please review this thread, as I believe I have found an issue: https://community.powerbi.com/t5/Service/Slicer-values-with-row-level-security/m-p/541715/highlight/...





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by Moderator v-qiuyu-msft
on ‎11-15-2018 07:10 PM

Hi @juanjoseblancob,


The same issue has been reported internally before: CRI 82130815. Please see below response from PG team: 


By Design. RLS causes a Table-level filter based on the role, it does not update any slicer visuals. It is an "invisible" filter applied to every query that is generated.


Best Regards,
Qiuyun Yu 

by Moderator v-qiuyu-msft
on ‎11-15-2018 07:11 PM
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