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Slicer values not showing correctly Power BI service

We have dropdown slicers in our reports, synced across pages.  When we select a value or values, the slicer reflects the selection ("Product A" or "Multiple Selections", for example.)  After any kind of navigation ( change tab, sort a visual, etc,) the slicer we just changed now shows All.  Visuals remain filtered and if we click on the slicer drop down, our selection is still there.  This can be very misleading to our users.  We have a live connection to Azure AS, and we are running desktop version  2.70.5494.761 64-bit (June 2019)  it seems that this issue started in early July.

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Hi @TimTBoston


I tested on my side but not able to reproduce the issue.

Does the same issue happen when you do the same operations in Power BI desktop?

When you test in Power BI service, which browser do you use? 


Best Regards,
Qiuyun Yu 


Desktop seems to work fine.  We generally use Chrome, but have tested with Edge as well.


Hi Qiuyun Yu,

Can you confirm that you were using a live connection to Azure AS in your test?



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I'm seeing this issue today as well. Slicers are not availabe in the Power BI Service. We are also using AAS or Azure Analysis Services with a Live Connection. Desktop version of the *.pbix file works fine. So it seems to be limited to the service.