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Slicer switches from Dropdown to List when using Bookmarks


I have a Dropdown slicer (built-in visual, not custom) on my page and I've created two bookmarks.

When I switch to another bookmark (using image with action) - then suddenly my slicer switches to a List instead of Dropdown.

And it stays like this even if I return to an original bookmark.

Looks like a bug - please fix

Thank you


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@SizzlingBoots  nope, i checked that before i posted here 😞

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Try deleting the published report and reuploading. Seemed to fix it for me.

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@SizzlingBoots , If you delete and re-upload, then will you lose all of your users who have shared access? Correct me if I'm wrong, but I avoided deleting because I didn't want to re-do all of the sharing and prevent people from seeing the data for a period. I also think this would remove the history in the usage metrics report.

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I believe you are correct but if the filters are broken and you need to fix it, then it may be worth it. It's the only solution that worked for me. Unfortunately. 😒

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Same issue for me.


  • I have a PowerBI report with a number of slicers formatted as dropdown lists


  • I have assigned a bookmark to an image which navigates a user to a different page
  • Whenever a user clicks on a bookmark, on random occasions the slicers change into lists.



This issue has been raised elsewhere without resolution from the support team.

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I have the same problem!

Great explenation and detective work @imranami!

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Hello community support - could you please confirm if this issue is being looked into?

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I am also having the same exact issue.  This is very annoying from a UI perspective.

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@alexhauge6  - I was not getting any traction on this thread so I raised a new one. If you could reply to that thread and upvote it that would be good. I have also raised a ticket.