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Slicer in service doesn't show selection



Not sure if that's a local issue, but slicer doesn't show selection or it becomes white so users cant see if their selection was applied or not.

In desktop mode it seems perfectly fine and any selection turns it to black scale color.


Pls. advise,



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Hi @nhol,


I'm not able to reproduce the issue on my side.

Please check if the issue happens with other reports on Power BI service. If only this specific report has this issue, please share pbix file with us if possible. 


Best Regards,
Qiuyun Yu 

Helper II

I have the same issue.


As you can see in the image below, if I choose a background for elements in the slicer and I select one, it's almost impossible to see the selection:



Helper III



How come this couldn't be reproduced by Microsoft support team.

Are we the only ones from the enitre community who are facing that???



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I have the same problem.

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@nhol, I have the same issue within Power BI Service.


According to @v-piga-msft they are aware of this issue, refer to:


Multipe topics exist by now:


The lack of clear communication is quite annoying though, @v-qiuyu-msft mentioned a fix on 12 july: "The fix is planned on : 7/16 – West Europe , 7/17 – NCUS , 7/19 – Rest of the World except North Europe, 7/20 – North Europe. " 

Helper III

I'm not sure the fix mentioned by Qiuyun Yu is related to that. I think it's related to a complete different issue raised by me in regards to tooltips don't pop-up in service (on the web). This issue as I go over the replies could NOT be reproduced by Microsoft support team which is very odd............

This issue still exists!


What's the ETA?

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Hi, I have the same issue since a couple of weeks now. Everything works perfectly in Desktop, but not in Pro. We cannot see what we are selecting! Smiley Sad

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I have the same problem. But in my case i work with maps, and the only component have work is a Smart Filter by okViz