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Slicer/filter error in displaying



I have chosen a slicer/filter to display in my report as a 'dropdown' list. I have a number of slicers on this report page and they are all funcitoning well in PowerBI Desktop.


However upon exporting to PowerBI web service only just now (hasn't done it before), only one particular slicer has changed its format without my input to a list view. I have tried resetting it in Desktop but when I reload and refresh and update the report it reverts back on the powerBI report website to a list rather than dropdown. 

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@tobiasmcbride I'm having an issue using the HierarchySlicer visual (an available visual from Microsoft AppSource) for dates.  I noticed that on some pages of my report even though in PBI desktop I have a value selected in that date slicer (i.e Jan 2020), when it's published to the service, the data is as of that date, but the value looks like it's not selected.  I've been using this visual for over a year and never had this issue.


Hi @tobiasmcbride


Please recreate this specific slicer, set DropDown mode for it in Power BI desktop, save the report as a new file name, publish the report to Power BI service, check if the same issue occurs. 


@chross As you are using the HierarchySlicer, please contact the author for help follow the available ways in right top corner of this site


Best Regards,
Qiuyun Yu