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Slicer dropdown shows 'Multiple selection' when nothing is selected

Working with slicers one needs to pay attention to the fact that Slicer means Filter in Power BI.

If nothing is selected, it means that nothing is filtered out, report shows all data as is.

Let us have a look at some use cases.

Case 1 All selected


Case 2 Nothing selected


This behavior follows the logic 'All selected' = equals to 'Nothing selected'. 

There is actually no way to filter out all data at all. It is really very disappointing.


But the stange thing happens when you unselect all items from drop down one by one.

If you unselect one item all is perfect.



But when you unselect all items you see the following

Case 3 Unselected one by one


In this case the slicer still shows 'Multiple selection' and report shows no data at all.

That is really confusing.

And actually that is what I expect to see in Case 2 Nothing selected

Can you explain me if this is a bug?

I need to expain this behavior to the users of my report.

Thank you!

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I have reported this issue internally, ICM: 233097540

will update here once I get any information.




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I get this from pg:

By Design. Once you perform "Select All" and start unselecting, we switch our Filter type to be a "Not In" filter, to save space. If you have thousands of items, select all, then unselect two of them, our Filter would be "NOT IN (A, B)", which is much shorter than "IN (thousands of items...)". Select All followed by unselecting all items is odd, just unselect or select All again to clear the filter. 


As a follow up, why we don't automatically switch to a "cleared" filter after unselecting all, Filters can affect the values shown in the Slicer, and removing a filter may bring back other items that the user wants to see, while still wanting a "NOT IN" filter for some items.




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@v-lili6-msft Thank you for taking care of this issue! It is interesting. So this is not a bug. It is expected behavior! Ok!