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Slicer and Visual Filter not returning all rows

I have a SQL query that is returning some data.


But when I go to use a Slicer or Visual Level filter it is NOT including all my data points. 


In my example, I have a result set of [ task_name, queue, task_order, lifecycle] all dimensions.


there are 4 rows that have "my_task" as a value.


When I go to select "my_task" in the slicer it only shows 2 of the rows, and not all 4. 

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Community Support Team

Hi @edwash91 ,


Add the result dataset returned by SQL Query into a table visual, how many rows are there? Apart from slicer and visual level filters, please check if any report/page level filters are applied. Also, please check the aggregation type selected for numeric fields added to visual, "don't summarise", "Sum", "Average"or any other.


Best regards,

Yuliana Gu

Community Support Team
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New Member

Hi There,


That is how I am currently reviewing the information.


When I have the results setup in a Table view I se my 4 rows.


When I add a slicer and select in the slicer "my_task" as the value to filter on, only 2 rows show, but I know that there are really 4. 


I have deleted and recreated the query, as well as the page.

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