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Slicer and Table Visual Issue

I have a nagging issue that seems to be causing real heartache with users of Power BI.  A value change in a slicer will cause a table visual to re-render the data with the Slicer filter applied - but not at the top of the table - In the below image - The change will ALWAYS cause the table to fall short of the top - If a user is not paying attention - they will make bad assumption that the first record being displayed is the first record in the table - really bad if the data is sorted by value.


The below has the table on left before a slicer is applied - then after then after slicer is applied the table on right is displaying the data... but NOT from the top of the table.  Seems like the #1 dropping account is -55%... but it's not if you scroll up - very...very dangerous to our end users - a risk of walking away with the wrong answer here.2018-05-21_10-57-13.png

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Is there an update on this issue please?

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Do you have a timeline when this will be fixed?






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Does anyone have a workaround for this?  I'm going to try to limit matrix height and width but I'd really like to have a fix.