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Slicer and Table Visual Issue

I have a nagging issue that seems to be causing real heartache with users of Power BI.  A value change in a slicer will cause a table visual to re-render the data with the Slicer filter applied - but not at the top of the table - In the below image - The change will ALWAYS cause the table to fall short of the top - If a user is not paying attention - they will make bad assumption that the first record being displayed is the first record in the table - really bad if the data is sorted by value.


The below has the table on left before a slicer is applied - then after then after slicer is applied the table on right is displaying the data... but NOT from the top of the table.  Seems like the #1 dropping account is -55%... but it's not if you scroll up - very...very dangerous to our end users - a risk of walking away with the wrong answer here.2018-05-21_10-57-13.png

Status: Accepted
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Hi @Anonymous,


The issue has been reported before internally: CRI 41690197. I have consulted the latest information about this bug, will update here once I get any information. 


Best Regards,
Qiuyun Yu 

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Status changed to: Accepted
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Hi @Anonymous,


PG team has added this issue to the backlog and prioritized with their other work. But we don’t have an ETA for the fix now. 


Will update here once I get any new information. 


Best Regards,

Qiuyun Yu 

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A lot of frustrated users/developers on this one; both of these have been accepted.  Has been an issue for at least over a year.  It is hard to overlook for user experience and probably should be escalated as a higher priority.


Have you guys replicated it on your side because it is pretty frustrating for someone trying to design something user friendly.  Love Power BI by the way and what the team has done is incredible, it is just something that I want to make sure is known as it has a big negative effect on user experience and should be considered a feature not a bug 😛

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please fix. my users are interpreting data wrong because of this

Helper II

Neded asap

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Any updates on this, or at least let us know if you don't plan on fixing (such as this is "working by design" ... 

But this issue really sucks out here is the world of report design and trying to promote adoption of this reporting tool.


- I considering abandoning a deployed a report that really needed to keep to the top and not move around. which it does on every click of another visual.


I also had to completely abondadon a report tool tip with lots of data - sorted -  based on this issue.


To sum up ... this issue just keeps coming back up on my report design approach and from frustrated users.

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Please fix, not an acceptable user experince.

Helper II

Cannot belive this is still not fixed as it seems such a basic problem and is present from a very long time !

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Please fix