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Slicer Sync - view/hide function not working

I have a report with slicers in tab one and graphs in tab two.


I want the slicers in tab 1 to filter the data in tab 2 but NOT be visible in tab # 2.


I set the slicer sync to do this for all my slicers and all are hidden in tab 2 except ONE. This one slicer I just created with the June release. It would seem like there is a bug that automatically resets the slicer sync "hide" function back to "view" automatically...

Status: New

Hi @nevulo


I tested in Power BI desktop version 2.70.5494.761 64-bit (June 2019) but not reproduce this issue, please run the same version as ours then test again. 


Also you can test with our sample report on your side to see if the same issue occurs. 


Best Regards,
Qiuyun Yu 


I think I found out what was happening...


Somehow a duplicate of the slicer ended up in tab 2. This means that when I was changing it's state to hidden, it would get hidden but re-show when the slicer in tab 1 would be changed...


I tried to replicate with your sample report but could not...

I will ask again if it happens another time...


Thansk for the reply!