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Slicer Sort is broken

The slicer sort is broken in PowerBI desktop.

I am on Version: 2.97.861.0 64-bit (September 2021)


I have a very simple problem. I have a version number that is text, that I want in the slicer. I then have a order column. I created a Sort Order column that turns the date into a number. I should not have to do that. But I was worried it was a date issue. But it's not.


Yes I set "sort by column" in "column tools". Then I go to the slicer and sort by accending. As the screenshots below show it's clear that the slicer is ignoring the sort.





See file 




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You need to select the column(Version) that you want to sort, then select Sort by Column.

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Oh I missed that you had to select the column you wanted first. My bad. Thanks!