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Slicer Search Box desappears when publishing dashboard




I've a report that contains several slicers with the dropdown list option selected.
In PBI Desktop its possible to activate a search box on these slicers, but, on the PBI Online the search box desappears...
Is that a known bug? If it is, is there an estimative on when it will be fixed?


Slicer desktop.pngPBI DESKTOP (with search box)

slicer online1.pngPBI ONLINE (search box option selected)

slicer online2.pngPBI ONLINE (no search box available)

Beste regards,


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Hi, I have no problem with this feature in Power BI Service. When I publish PBI file to Service I have search box as I defined in PBI Desktop.





Hi @rbaleche,


I'm not able to reproduce the issue. Which browsers did you use to sign in Power BI service? How about the results in Supported browsers for Power BI?


Best Regards,
Qiuyun Yu

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I have exactly same problem. In PBI Desktop I can put on the search option. Publishing into web it does not work anymore. Same time in same report some other filters are working as it should.

When I enable "List" mode then search box is visible. Putting back "Dropdown" Search box disapears

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We encounter exactly the same issue after publishing an application from Power BI desktop to Power BI service.

The slicer with search enabled on PBI desktop does not display the search text area. Even when we try to disable and enable the search on PBI service. Apperently the problem appeared after the 23th of December 2016 so last friday.

Is there anything to do? 





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Hi @v-qiuyu-msft, I've ran some tests and this bug happens only with IE 11 and Chrome. With Edge and Firefox it works perfectly. Tks, Regards, Rafael
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I had the same issue. Works fine in the Desktop and in the Service on Firefox, but doesn't show up in Chrome. 


I can reproduce the issue if the slicer has long lists in IE 11 and Chrome browsers. This issue is reported: CRI 28776963. I will update here once I get the feedback.


Best Regards,
Qiuyun Yu




I encouter exactly the same issue when publishing my reports to Power BI online.

Thanks for updating us here when a fix is available.




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Even I encounter the same issue that the search bar is visible in Power BI desktop but after publishing it, search bar is not visible in the rendered dashboards.


When will this issue be resolved as most of my Users use Chrome as their default browser.





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Hi all,


I have updated all my slicers with the new "dropdown" feature and I've added the search option to some of them.

Search option works well in Power BI desktop, but when I publish I am not able to use it.

Maybe I am doing something wrong,'s weird!


Thanks in advance!