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Slicer Formatting Error when Publishing to Service

I have an issue and I have tried both clearing the browser cache as well as deleting bookmark links and slicers and recreating all of them []. This issue has existed since I initially published my reports in July of this year. I finally took time to try to go through an exhaustive attempt to repair the issue. Nothing works. Every time I repost, it is incorrect. I have two slicers, one for year and one for precincts and both convert into list. Please fix your buggy products, Microsoft. At the very least, help me fix my buggy Microsoft product.


My version: 2.73.5586.1101 64-bit (September 2019)

Status: New
Community Support Team

@benjaminhanna ,


I have made a test but couldn't reproduce that issue, the single selection options will not be changed to multi-selection after publishing to power bi service. My power bi desktop version is the latest Oct version. Please update to the Oct version and check again. 




Jimmy Tao

Frequent Visitor

Updated to:  2.75.5649.582 64-bit (November 2019)


Happy to screenshare. Just created a video starting in a desktop report. After saving and publishing, went to the PBI Service Workspace and Report. Same problem. This has been an issue for months, and the only response i have seen in other threads is that you can't replicate the issue. Create a bookmark navigation across multiple tabs, synce same slicer across multiple tabs, and then please report back.