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Slicer Eraser Should Clear Search Window Also

When you have a slicer which is a Drop Down & the Search window turned the Eraser to remove the filter will remove the filters applied via check boxes, however, The Search window is not cleared.


Thus, if you had text in the search window it remains even after the filter has been "erased."


This creates confusion with users, because sometimes it is not obvious that the Search Window still has text, which is filtering down the selection of items. Thus, sometimes users think something is wrong because there are items missing even though they have pressed the eraser to remove all filters from the slicer.


See Idea:


Status: New

Hi @Mike_Carlo,


Thank you for the great idea. I have voted.


Best Regards,


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I experience the same thing. I voted!

Resolver I

Voted, this is really frustrating.

Regular Visitor

I agree, really frustrating and very confusing to end users.

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How is this NOT the defualt behavior???? 

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@v-jiascu-msft Can we get an idea of where this is in the backlog? Seems like an easy fix adn would really reduce some of our clicks and time spent training users on this peculiarity.