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Slicer Bug

Case 1 : I have selected slicer for an example  area:

Here we can see “clear selection” option:

Slicer settings:  

Header : On

Title : On



Case 2 : 

 slicer setting  after header set as “off” . we can not see the "clear selection" option.

Formatting Slicer:

Header : Off

Title : On




Status: Delivered

Hi @rmettu_1242,


Clear selections button is on the Slicer Header, so when you turn off the Header, Clear selections button doesn't display as well. It's not a bug.


Best Regards,

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Hi @Vicky_Song  and  @v-qiuyu-msft


in my case most of the time  slicer header is off, i am displaying only Title. i could not see clear selection option as well as dropdown--> list change  . In previous power bi desktop relase has clear selection option when i turn off the header.





Hi @rmettu_1242,


I miss the word "doesn't" in my previous post, I should double check it. Smiley Embarassed


Based on my test, turn off the Header in slicer, the Clear selections button disappears. I didn't see the Clear selections button display though the header is turned off. Which previous version did you mean?


Best Regards,