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Show Data Point as Table - Grand Total not enabled in Matrix Visualization

I have created a power bi report for internal users.  They would like to see the underlying data, either by using a computer APP or the web version.  I already know there is a way to export this, but I would like to give them to option to view on the report immediately by right clicking the data point and then clicking the "Show Data Point as a Table".  


1.  I have created a Matrix visualization.  All data points seem to work to "Show Data Point as a Table", but the grand total  (The data point in the bottom right corner)  When I right click this the "Show Data Point as a Table" , it is not available to be selected.  It would be very nice if you were able to select this and show the underlying data.



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see screenshot for reference

show data point as a table1.png

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Hi @Anonymous, 


For your requirement, I would suggest you post an idea here:


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Qiuyun Yu