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Sharing PBI to Mail Enabled Security Group Bug

Hello all, we have dashboards that are shared to Mail enabled security group. Our issue with this is sometimes, the users that are part of the security group is still asking for permission to view the dashboard. We just reply to them to refresh the browser and the issue will be solved. We would like to ask if there are any workarounds for this? We have like 300 user on that group and we always get email about the access request. 


Thanks team!

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Community Support

Hi, @haynakujm21 

According to your description, do you mean that only the users within the security group will encounter this kind of problem?


If so, I think you can try to use the distribution groups instead of the security group, which is also supported by PBI.


What’s more, you can also suggest users to clear the cache of the browser and log in again to the account to avoid some unnecessary errors.


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Community Support Team _Robert Qin

Advocate I

Same problem here but both for AAD mail-enabled serurity groups and plain AAD security groups. Going back to distribution groups is not OK. We are building security around these groups. 

Quick fix browser refresh helps.

Please tackle this issue because the reputation of our reports also depends on availability !


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