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Sharepoint or Web/Portal embed: Your Power BI session expired

Hello community,

I am having the following issue when accessing to reports shared in Sahrepoint or via the link "embed in portal or website":


Your Power BI session expired

The current Power BI session can no longer be used to communicate with the Power BI service because of a service modification.  You must close and re-open your browser to start a new session


I have check all the post of the community related to this and none propose a solution, at best just a "delete and share again" that cannot be a solution for 30+ reports i am talking about...
You can imagine it's quite urgent so any help would be very appreciated

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Looking at it deeply, 
I found out the link provided by the server to share in a portal or website was ending with:


And now it is ending with

I would be very interested in understanding why this has changed and if it's supposed to change again in the future as we intensivly use this link throughout the organization to navigate between reports...
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Thank you @v-chuncz-msft , it was indeed surely do to the following point due to the maintenance of the 17th of february:

  • Links to Power BI that are embedded in content might fail to connect when maintenance is complete. For example, an embedded link in SharePoint or Teams may result in a user error. To resolve this problem, you have to re-generate the embedded link in Power BI and then update the locations where they’re used.

Is there any solution to avoid that from happening?
We use a lot of embedded links in sharepoint, teams, documents, email and we even have a report that we use as portals that allow finding the reports easily and open the given link... changing these links in any maintenance of PowerBi Service is a nightmare...