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Sharepoint list connector pulling in incorrect column names

Sharepoint list connector is pulling in all list columns, but is messing up the names. Is this a bug?

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How does the SharePoint list connector mess up the names? Could you please provide some more details and screenshot about it?


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The built-in column names are all fine; but the names of the columns containing user data have been changed to values which often begin with "OData_". (See columns in attached screenshot.)


Power BI SharePoint online connector error

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I'm having the same issue.  Several of my columns have been renamed:


16/17 Delivery Status now appears to be called DeliveryStatusInDelivery

17/18 Delilvery Status is now DeliveryStatusInPlanning

18/19 Delivery Status is now DeliveryStatusPipeline


I also have a new column called ID.1 which is a replica of the ID column ...  I didn't create it.


Anyone have any ideas?

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I'm having the same thing. Automatic Refresh doesn't sync anymore and complains about missing columns in the data source. After investigating I found out that all of the mentioned columns shouldn't be there at all!


Is there a problem with PowerBI itself??

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I am having a similar issue, I can deal with the added columns but PBI is truncating some of my column descriptions and putting wierd characters in its place.


Any response on this issue?


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Same problem here! When we get answer from MS??

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Hei anybody!!???