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Sharepoint data set does not refresh


I have a Power BI report whose data source is an Access hosted on a sharepoint.

The report consists of 11 tables, of which most do not exceed 200 records, except 1 that has 200k.

When I try to update the report via Desktop, the report stays in "evaluated" hours.




After a few minutes, the PC starts to lose performance.




As we can see there are several calls to container data, which surprised me, I started looking for the cointainer data folder, and saw that it is where power bi saves the temporary data set of the sharepoint access. From my point of view these temporary copies are not made correctly, because I have downloaded the access of my sharepoint 177 times, occupying 57GB.




This is causing my report not to update?


How is this possible?

Is there any configuration that is wrong?


Any help is welcome, thank you very much
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Hi @alopemon


1. If there are some data are not useful, please do filter in Query Editor to ensure only retrieving useful data. 


2. Please uncheck below option then refresh it again. 




3. Please use SQL profiler to check which query takes most of the CPU follow this document


Best Regards,
Qiuyun Yu