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Sharepoint Online List Power BI Connector



So I have been trying to connect my pBI desktop to my sharepoint list online:


1. Get Data

2. Copy the ROOT URL from the SP site

3. Sign in with my institutional microsoft account (third option)

4.all this errors pop up

Error Ocurred in the server.pngInvalid character.pngScript Error.png

5. Delete permission from local and global permission in the data origin configuration

6. Try it all over again and still get the same results.


I even created my whole tool from scratch thinking there was an error with the URL character because one of the errors states that its because of an invalid character and my initial site contained a "-" (sites/IMC-Servicios ) and even though my second site I made sure none of this type of characters were in the URL the results were exactly the same.


I have a hyperlink as a column but I don't think this should affect the connection, also this list is showing information entered via a microsoft forms and pasted in the list thanks to a power automate block.


I have been looking for this error but did not find anything on he web.


Thanks and regards

Status: New
Community Support



I cannot reproduce the issue. Take a good look at Create a report on a SharePoint List and create a support ticket for assistance.