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Sharepoint Connection Fails With Nondescript Error

I have recently been unable to connect to any new Sharepoint sources in my Power BI reports. The existing connections that I have built continue to work, but any new connections result in the following error:



There are no further details with the error, making troubleshooting difficult. I have attempted using the Sharepoint folder, Web, and Excel Workbook connectors and all result in the same error. I have attempted uninstalling/reinstalling Power BI Desktop as well as clearing my permissions, but nothing has worked. I have also tried recreating the existing Sharepoint connections that I have in my report and they fail (but the existing connections still successfully refresh).


I am using version 2.98.683.0 of Power BI Desktop.

Status: Investigating
Community Support


Unfortunately, I can’t reproduce the same issue as yours.

I can successfully connect to the Sharepoint Online List data source using the Organizational method:





Therefore, I suggest you to update to the latest version of the Power BI desktop and check if this problem can disappear.



Best Regards,

Community Support Team _Robert Qin

Community Support
Status changed to: Investigating