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SharePoint: Request failed: Unable to connect to the remote server

Dear all,

I would like to ask about one case

Whenever connect to sharepoint, I usually post a url as format https://<site address>/sites/<sitename>/, howerver it turn out the error as" Details: "SharePoint: Request failed: Unable to connect to the remote server".

I have tried to clear cache power BI, get the most updated version, log out and log in, however it still unable to connect.

I have also tried to connect to url which get to the direct file, for example as:".

Howerver it still get the error "SharePoint: Request failed: Unable to connect to the remote server".


One friend of mine in the same company she can connect to sharepoint as usual, whenever I cannot.

Is this because of problem like firewall or not ? please give me any suggestion if you have.

thanks and best regards,


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Hi All,


I am getting this same error message after connecting my datasources to the On-premise Gateway for other sources in the report.


The SharePoint datasource is giving me the same error when I initialize a refresh from the Power BI service or when i schedule a refresh through the Gateway.


If i initialize a refresh through the Power BI Desktop, it works perfectly fine.


Also it does not complain about the file that I am loading but complains about the another table that I am using the file for in Power Query.



Please if you can help.



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I am getting the same error like @Anonymous


On the desktop everything is fine. When i schedule a refresh it works well first 3-4 days but then it doesn't work and i didn't make any change.


i was tried the steps which @v-yuezhe-msft specified but it doesn't work for me