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SharePoint Online list - Data refresh not working



I have built a pbi dashboard using Sharepoint online lists as the datasource. It has been working fine until recently, everytime I try to refresh the data I get the following error:


pbi error 1.jpg



Before it was SSO and wasnt an issue, my password hasnt changed and I can still log onto sharepoint online using my credentials. If I try and manually sign into my windows account I get the same error. I have checked with IT and my Sharepoint account and credentials are working fine.

If I try and sign into using Microsoft account I get the following error:


pbi error 2.JPG


A colleague has tried to connect to the same data source and gets the same errors and I have tried connecting to another sharepoint list from a different sharepoint site and that works fine and so I believe the issue to be the connection with this specific sharepoint list. IT have checked and the sharpoint site is working fine technically. 


Any ideas?

Status: Needs Info


Do you customize your sharepoint site URL? Generally, we enter the following URL in SharePoint online ist connector, there is a similar thread for your reference.



Status changed to: Needs Info