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SharePoint Connection Not Working After March Desktop Update

After installing the March desktop update, my desktops that had data connections to files on SharePoint started to error our.  Below is the error I get when I now try to connect to a SharePoint file.  Other users in my company that have not updated are able to connect to my files on SharePoint.




SharePoint Connection Issue.png

Status: New

Hi @ReynoldsTstan16 , 


Is your account able to connect to SharePoint online now in browser? 


Please go to Data Source Settings in Power BI desktop, clear the permission for SharePoint folder connector, then try to get data from SharePoint Folder, sign in with your account. 


Best Regards,

Qiuyun Yu 


Yes I finally was able to get it connected.  I cleared the permissions numerous times with no luck.  Finally late yesterday, during the process it took me to a different login screen that I had not seen before.  I entered my credentials and it worked.  No clue why it stopped and no clue why it started back up.  I even had our IT department working on it and they did not find a solution.  Hopefully no furtther issues going forward.


Hi @ReynoldsTstan16


It's a issue reported to PG team several days ago and now the fix is roll out. You can see the same thread:


Best Regards,
Qiuyun Yu