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Share Function Online not in Sync with Link



I have a group workspace which we have shared dashboards with other users not in the group workspace.  It seems when using the link directly these users cannot access the dashboard even though they have been given authority to view.  It is prompting said user to "request access".  After the request, and I approve as admin, they then have access.  Please help.



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Hi @brianvpowerbi,


Share the group's dashboards with colleagues outside the group is the same as sharing a dashboard with colleagues. In your scenario, when you share the dashboard in the group with the user who are outside of the group, is this user in the same organization?


Based on my test, when I share group dashboard with the user outside of the group, the shared dashboard will display in My Workspace when this user sign in Power BI service. Also when I copy the dashboard link from the Share Dashboard pane and this user can also access this link use his account.


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Qiuyun Yu

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The people are in the same organization.  However, when shared and given the direct link they cannot access unless they first request access.  Seems redundant if I already have shared with them.