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Shape Map not Appearing in Published Report



I am using the Shape Map and everything is working correctly in Power BI Desktop. Unfortunately, the published version of the report does not show the Shape Map. Also, if I try to edit the published report online, the Shape Map visual is not even on the list of visuals.


Here is my report on Power BI Desktop:


And here is my published report, as you can see the shape map is not there and it does not appear in the list of visuals on the right.



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Community Support Team

Hi @vega,


1. The shape map is still under preview. It isn't available in the Power BI Service for now.

2. Works fine here. Do you have some special settings? Which browser did you use?



1. Try with another browser.

2. Clear the history and caches of the browsers and try again.



Best Regards,


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It's not the browser. I have tried in on multiple browsers and on multiple computers. I should have mentioned, but I have another report that has the shape map and it works fine with the published version. I wanted to post this bug in case anyone else has experienced this problem or if this was related to the fact that the visual is still in preview.