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Service changing report settings upon republishing



Whenever I have the need to republish a report from Desktop to Service, the Service ceases to recognise the fact that I've activated the "Display report pages as tabs along the bottom of the report" pages pane option, and will revert to the new view with the pages pane, necessitating me to go into the report options and reselect it every single time I need to make a change to a report. I cannot find any corresponding option within Desktop which I'm overlooking, so I can only assume this is a bug?

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Check this blog post and share feedback via Ideas to help improve Power BI.

Solution Sage

Yes, I have read that blog post. It doesn't tell me anything in relation to this issue. Is it designed behaviour that if you republish a report it will override the existing settings within the service? Is there any sort of tenant-wide pages pane on/off setting anywhere? Is there any sort of option in Desktop to say how a report should appear in the service? I shouldn't need to create an idea for what looks to me like an obvious bug, and wouldn't want to given the glacial speed with which ideas are implemented (if at all)

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I have the same issue, and have been looking for a solution without success.