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Service Refresh fails DM_GWPipeline_Gateway_MashupData Access Error | SAP HANA & Excel in Sharepoint

Hi everybody,


I`ve been on this all week and I`m starting to go crazy...


the current model i´m working on uses the following datasources:

- SAP HANA (on prem)

- Excelfiles stored in sharepoint (online / cloud) and connected to the dataset via the web connector


I`m using a gateway (newest Version) that has the HANA credentials. I activated the "Allow user's cloud data sources to refresh through this gateway cluster" option and entered my Sharepoint credentials.


There are a lot of different files that get appended onto the SAP HANA Table (just a regular join in Power Query). 

The refresh in PBI Desktop works just fine, in the PBI Service however it does not:


Data source error:{"error":{"code":"DM_GWPipeline_Gateway_MashupDataAccessError","pbi.error":{"code":"DM_GWPipeline_Gateway_MashupDataAccessError","parameters":{},"details":[{"code":"DM_ErrorDetailNameCode_UnderlyingErrorCode","detail":{"type":1,"value":"-2147467259"}},{"code":"DM_ErrorDetailNameCode_UnderlyingErrorMessage","detail":{"type":1,"value":"SharePoint: Request failed: https://URLTOEXCELFILE1234/_api/contextinfo"}},{"code":"DM_ErrorDetailNameCode_UnderlyingHResult","detail":{"type":1,"value":"-2147467259"}},{"code":"Microsoft.Data.Mashup.ValueError.DataSourceKind","detail":{"type":1,"value":"SharePoint"}},{"code":"Microsoft.Data.Mashup.ValueError.DataSourcePath","detail":{"type":1,"value":"https://URLTOEXCELFILE1234/_api/contextinfo"}},{"code":"Microsoft.Data.Mashup.ValueError.Reason","detail":{"type":1,"value":"DataSource.Error"}}],"exceptionCulprit":1}}} Table: Master.

Activity ID:e30704a7-2ac3-4411-91ad-c1056ef9b92e
Request ID:1087f8c5-3a98-cf0a-7633-3fe1853184b8
Time:2021-01-20 16:56:04Z


I already figured out that the error has to be somewhere in the append of the Sharepoint files onto the HANA Queries. Whenever I upload just the HANA Views or just the sharepoint Excel files the refresh works. The error message always shows the first Excel file that is supposed to be appended to the HANA View so it has nothing to do with a specific file.


I already tried:

- Setting Datasource settings to private, Corporate and none (in PBI Desktop as well as the service)

- Activate "always ignore data security" under Data security

- Split the joins that all SAP HANA Tables are joined first and then append all other tables


For all its worth, here are all Query statements in the file, the error points to the Master Table:!AsBkF7PVhL4EmnDsPSfchr8o_ws4?e=QmJcd1


Best regards


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A similar issue has been reported: CRI 224725743, so stay tuned.   

Helper I

Hi @v-chuncz-msft 


thank you for the reply! 

It might sound a bit stupid but where can I look up the issue number CRI 224725743? If i search for it here in the forum I dont find anything :/.


Thanks again and have a nice day


Community Support



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