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Sequence contains no matching element error

I work with Power BI reports against a live PBI model on the service for my customer. After changing a report file (August version of PBI desktop) and handing over to the customer, the error 'Sequence contains no matching element' is raised. I was able to solve this by logging in with my own account on the customer's PC, loading the report, changing accounts.

However, the customer now downloads a report that has been published already (working flawlessly for two weeks). The same error occurs when trying to open the report with PBI Desktop. This happens while the user is logged in at the tenant that hosts the model, so it should work just fine (and it did earlier).

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Err... to make matters worse, I just sent a report file to my customer. This time, he was able to open the report, being signed in to the customer's tenant. However, the report shows data and when viewing the data source, all models in all workspaces on MY tenant are visible. And changing the data source to another model just works (when connecting to an older version of the model, the data in de report are updated; when connecting to a completely different model, obviously the report renders errors). Only after signing out and back in, the customer was able to change the data source to a model in his own tenant.


Honestly, this is giving me the creeps...



I am unable to reproduce this issue on my side. I would recommend you open a ticket in Power BI support site.

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