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September 2019 Update Blurry on 2nd Monitor Screen

This has just happened with the September 2019 release. Power BI Desktop looks fine on my small laptop screen. Move it across to my larger 2nd monitor and the font is blurry to the point of being unreadable.


I need Power BI on the larger screen so I can see everything so at the moment, the September 2019 release is unuseable

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I'm having the same issue. I even tried uninstalling the application and nothing worked. I attached my image for reference. Resolution on Add Monitor.PNG

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I have the exact same problem with my larger monitors.


Normally as the only report designer for my enterprise, I use bigger monitors to make sure the report looks the exactly the same to me as to any user. Now I can't do anything, as I will have to wait for this to be fixed.

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Same here, OK on laptop screen but on external monitors text is jagged. Do we have to wait for the October update to have this fixed?



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Any update on potential fixes to this?


Same issue here. I can confirm it is related to scaling. I have returned to the June 2019 version, installed using the msi (64-bit, English), which does not have this problem. The July 2019 version, installed with the exe, does have the problem.


Same here :(. The previous version worked well on both screens. Now it looks awful on the larger monitor. Dashboard development on a small screen is not comfortable at all.


Please please fix it


I seem to have found a workaround fix for this:
1. Unplug your second monitor
2. Open your Power BI file
3. Plug your second monitor back in

After doing this, you should be able to drag your window back and forth without scaling issues.


@para_xz , I can confirm that workaround works for me as well. I uninstalled the June 2019 version of Desktop and installed the September one, and gave it a try. Voila, it works. And it is definitely a scaling issue.


But if I then close the report and open the same report - or a different report - it's back to being blurry and jagged. I have to unplug my external monitors before opening each report.


That's a major headache - I don't want to be unplugging my monitors, plugging them back in and then dragging all of my other apps around every time I want to open a pbix file. So I'm going back to using the June version until they get this fixed.


Have the same issue on both laptop screen and second screen.

The problem is made worse by the fact i notice a bug on powerbi online, when you publish a report with the August release, the color changes online surely due to the theme.

I confirmed that issue by downloading the september release where it shows the same color as the "modified" one online.

So the theme changes have created several issues.


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Same issue