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Security workspace issues

Hi !
I Have too many issues with implementation a report in sharepoint online
In fact :
I developed the report  in power bi desktop ,
I added  the role for users to limit access ,
I created a workspace , and I assigned capacity premium to this workspace (the admistrator who did this )
I published the reports in power bi services workspace , I limited the access into the dataset by adding office 365 security groups ,
I got the url to add the report into share point site ,

Now when the users of the organisation try to connect  to the share point site , they don't get the report , as I understand the capacity premium is unknwon into the workspace created ( when I add member per member so they have access , but I can't add about 5000 members manually as a member of the workspace in read only ) I try also to add an office 365 group but it  dosn't work .

I tried the new workspace based on office 365 security group but the users get access to all the data report in the sharepoint site because they were added as collaborater , no limited access was applied .

I'm not admistrator of the capacity and I dont know if we miss something at the configuration of the capacity or the workspace ???? 😞

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Based on my understanding, you embed a report in SharePoint online, also you have shared the report with the a office 365 security group via Share button. But once the user access the embed report in SharePoint site, the error “The content isn't available” display. Right? 


If it is, the same issue has been reported before internally: CRI 83664681. 


It is a known issue but we have workaround-

  1. Share the required report also with the report owner.
  2. Go to “Shared with me” and open the required report.
  3. Go to the File menu and copy the link to the SP page from “Embed in SharePoint Online”

From here continue with the original steps.


Best Regards,

Qiuyun Yu