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Second monitor problem

I work using my laptop and a separate monitor using "Extend Screen". Up until recently I could move Power BI Desktop to the top screen and it would fill the screen in all the normal ways (drag window to top of screen, click the icon at the top right etc). Now if I try to do that the Power BI window sits in the top left of my screen, and stays about the same size as my laptop screen. Clicking and trying to stretch the window doestn work. 


Periodically if fixes itself, but I havent spotted the pattern to that yet. Not sure when this started happening, but it's definitely relatively recent. Never had this before, and all other programs working fine.

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Try to select the other monitor and select the recommended resolution settings in display settings like below:





Advocate I

@v-lili6-msft I have this same problem and it only started in the last couple weeks, and it is certainly not related to display settings. PBI desktop opens first on my smaller laptop screen. Then, once I drag it over to my large second monitor and hit the Maximize button on the top ribbon, it doesn't increase in size at all, no matter how many times I try Minimizing/Maximizing. Like @gapage says, even trying to stretch the window to be larger doesn't register or change the size at all.


However, if you "stretch" the screen to be smaller, then hit the Maximize button PBI will now fill the larger second monitor without issue. I believe the issue to be that PBI is only maximizing the size according to the display size of the monitor it was first opened on -- it does not seem recognize the dimentions of the second, larger monitor once its been moved over. As it still registers the smaller, orginal display size, it won't allow you to increase the size beyond that.


You should test it by opening it on a smaller monitor and then trying to maximize on a larger monitor. Also, close PBI entirely before testing, as this only seems to happen with the very first PBI report I open for the day -- if I've already stretched the screen smaller and then Maximized it it (which seems to "fix" the problem), PBI works fine and doesn't seem to have this issue until the next time I restart my computer. 


I'm on Version: 2.92.1067.0 64-bit (April 2021)


Helper III

I have the same issue. Thanks @abayless for the tip about streching the window, it helped for now 🙂