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Scroll Table in Mobile

On the mobile version, I have found some data tables are scrollable with a finger (up/down) by simply taping the table and/or viewing the table in focus mode.  Others do not.  It appears this was a feature of the legacy table visualization - but I cannot get to work in the new Table or Matrix.  Our users have brought this to my attention - as it is near impossible to scroll a table on mobile using the tiny scroll bar alone.  Is there a way I can recreate this capability using the new Table/Matrix visualizations?  It is a big deal.

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Hi @timgould,


Based on my test with Power BI app version 13.8 on ipad, we can scroll down or up the table visual which created by Power BI desktop 2.49.4831.521 64-bit (August 2017). In your scenario, please try the same version as ours.





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The update does not resolve this issue.  The appropriate test would be using an phone for the phone view.

As you know the iPad and iPhone will show the full report in landscape (which is often too much for a phone).  However, in the profile view the new tables do not scroll with a finger - when it is needed the most.  I have attached a video using my finger only - not using the scroll bar - given the size - has little value on the phone.  Was this an oversight?  It is significant for our users.  Please assist.

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Hi @timgould,


I can reproduce the issue on iPhone Power BI app. Already report it internally: CRI 44799962, will update here if I get any information.


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Having the same issue on both iOS and Android. The app is unusable when it comes to scrolling in Matrices and Tables.


When can we expect a fix to be released?



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I have not faced issue trying to scroll up or down but my main issue is to be abble right and left

Thanks for your help