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Scheduling data set which is getting data from JWT authentication url in power service.

HI Team,


I created data set based on web url, which has JWT Authentication.   We wrote custom query in power bi desktop to authentication process. it works fine. When we tried to scheduled refresh using power bi service we are getting authentication error. On clicking on error link power service does not having the authentication type what i need(JWT Token). Pleae guide me on this.   Error.PNG


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You can trying enabling the "skip connection test" in data source settings, for more details about this feature, please refer to blog below:


In addtion, I would suggest you read the discussions in this thread which may be helpful to you.



Jimmy Tao

Regular Visitor

Hi @v-yuta-msft ,


It seems the given suggetions related to autheniting API. We do not have any problems with authentication using power desktop. However, we do have problem when we schedule using power BI Service.


Also,  we coouldn't find any option to Skip test connection for web data source. 




New Member

@v-yuta-msft ,


The blog link you've included seems to state that the skip test connection function is turned off for cloud data sources - please can you advise when this is likely to be available again?


I think I speak for a lot of people when I say that not having the skip test connection function is very problematic if you want to use an API data source... so it would be great to know when this feature will be back up and running, or to at least provide some guidance on an alternative (if there is one).