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Scheduled Refresh not working

I have a number of reports on the workspace and noticed today that none of the scheduled refreshes kicked in. It refreshed fine with manual push but scheduled ones still don't start.

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Yes. We are also facing same issue.  Location - India

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Same here in Georgia, USA.  No failures, just never ran.  Very strange.

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Another thing I noticed, is that my next scheduled refresh is the one that failed this morning.

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Same issue, North America

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Now it is working good. May be this is resolved. Location India.

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My scheduled refreshes didn't start either. I've been able to manually refresh 1 but the other is telling me the gateway isn't available...which doesn't make sense since 3 other datasets using the gateway have been refreshed in the last hour.

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Same here in TN. Scheduled refreshes not taking happening....Again!

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Same in Indianapolis, IN

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Issues with scheduled refreshes getting delayed by hours or failing altogether claiming gateway is not available (when it's fine and working with other reports) + manual refresh button not consistently working are all happening here in Minneapolis, MN.


One thing to know is that I did find that Microsoft has an Awareness item listed under  "Power BI Users in the North Central US region may experience issues with scheduled refresh not being run. As a workaround manual refresh can be performed on affected models. Engineers have found the issue with the scheduler and are working to quickly mitigate the issue, an update will be provided soon."

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Same in Brazil!