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Schedule Refresh Issue

Datasets on scheduled refresh fail and give the following error on the schedule refresh page:


Before the data import for XXXXXXX finished, its data source timed out. Double-check whether that data source can process import queries, and if it can, try again.


There is no error on the refresh history, it just shows failed.  It is a different table name every day.  Refresh Now works for these datasets when I try them an hour or two later.  


I believe this started after I updated to the Februrary on-prem gateway.  


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@chrisu ,

What is the data source of your Power BI report? Could you please export gateway log here?


Status changed to: Needs Info
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We are also experiencing these errors while refreshing our SQL database using the Scheduled Refresh, failures are intermitant. 


Also getting these errors. Our datasource is on prem SQL database


@chrisu @mbrough  @triafrog33 ,

I am unable to reproduce this issue on my side. Please open a ticket in Power BI support site.
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Getting this as well.  prem sql, prem iSeries - ODBC, some domain XLS

This was only an issue after latest update for Gateway.  Had September GW version running and operating flawlessly until week ago.


Did anyone open a ticket as suggested?

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I am also getting these errors... It seems to happen to different dashboards each day.. and the table that is times out on changes on each refresh.

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Same problems for us after updating to the latest gateway (version 3000.1.257 (2019-02-24)) last week. The scheduled refresh randomly failed with the same error (data source timed out). It's a shame that it's impossible to roll back to a previous version of the gateway...

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Same problems for us using the latest gateway version: every time i get a timeout error on scheduled refresh

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Having exactly this issue as well.  Multiple refresh failures but no pattern.  Randomly failing, we had this for a few weeks and had hope the March update would resolve.  Problem still exists on march Gateway version.  Desktop client also fully updated