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Scatter charts - Data volume capacity maximization

Hi , 


While Developing the Scatter Charts on Power BI , the Data volume for number of plots by default is set to "3500" ,the maximum that we are able to set is "9999" . Is there a way that the Data volume capacity can be increased over 9999 data points . 

Reason : We are trying to display huge volumes of data on Scatter Plot to find the outlier detection from the entire population . Can any of the future releases fix this or maximize the data volume capacity 


Status: New

Hi @KavyaNaidu


From this article, you can see: 


"You can set the max data volume to any number up to 10,000. As you get into the higher numbers, we suggest testing first to ensure good performance.
Because more data points can mean a longer loading time, if you do choose to publish reports with limits at the higher end of the scale, make sure to test out your reports across the web and mobile as well to ensure performance matches your users' expectations."


It's not recommended to plot more than 10000 data points in the scatter chart. In your scenario, you can try to create two or more scatter charts, then use Visual Level Filters to divide these data points to these scatter charts. 


Best Regards,
Qiuyun Yu