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Scatter chart tooltips make chart ignore filters

When using a scatter chart with unsummarized numeric values in both the X Axis and Y Axis buckets, adding tooltips appears to break filtering in certain situations.


Unfortunately, this is difficult to describe, so I'll use a series of pictures of a simplified case.  Here's the table relationships:


t1 c1, t1 c2, t2 c1, and t2 c2 all contain numerical data.  Here's table1:


and table2:


Here's the visualization setup (emphasis on the scatter chart):


Note the "tt" field from table1 being used as the tooltip.  All fields in this scatter chart come from table1.  Here's what happens when I use the "Display/Don't Display" filter:


The scatter chart did not change, with the exception of the tooltip field not being displayed in the tooltip window for data points that should not be displayed (note the "tt" field missing in the popup below):


When the "tt" field is removed from the tooltip bucket of the scatter chart visualization, the following happens (note the change in the scatter chart):


Now, only the properly-filtered values are shown in the scatter chart.


I've only been able to reproduce this when using unsummarized numeric values in both the X Axis and Y Axis buckets.  I also can't reproduce this behavior with other visual types.


It's possible I'm either not understanding some complexity in even this simplified model, or I'm getting this behavior because it's what the scatter chart is supposed to do.  However...


...if I change the Y Axis bucket to some sort of summarization, the issue disappears: the "Display/Don't Display" filters produces expected results.  It's only when both axes are not summarized that I see the buggy behavior.

Status: Accepted
Super Contributor

Hi @andrewbrick ,


I have reported this problem internally, CRI: 120298523. Would update here once I get any response.


Best regards,

Yuliana Gu 

Super Contributor

Hi @andrewbrick ,


The fix for this issue will be completed in the July release of Power BI Desktop.


Best regards,

Yuliana Gu

Super Contributor
Status changed to: Accepted