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Scatter chart Data colors ignores Report filter


I have created a scatter chart and when I enable "Advanced control" for Data colors then the chart incorrectly displays values that should be excluded from the report due to a Report Filter. Check the image where you see that the two charts show different values even though the only difference between them is "Advanced control" being enabled in the bottom one. And the table next to it proves that the bottom chart displays values that should not be visible at all in the report (due to a Report filter).


Hence my conclusion is that there is a bug which makes scatter charts (and perhaps other chards too) with "Advanced control" ignore Report filters (and perhaps other filters too).





Status: New

Hi @Lasselakan


I have tested on my side in Power BI desktop version 2.67.5404.801 64-bit (March 2019) but not reproduce the issue. 



Please update your Power BI desktop to teh same version as ours then test it again. Also you can test our report to see if the same issue occurs on your side. 


Best Regards,
Qiuyun Yu 

Regular Visitor
Below is a link to the file where my error is visible. I haven't been able to narrow down what difference between our files cause this problem, but I assume you can find the problem.