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Scatter Chart and Play Axis data colors Issue



When you have set custom colors on your data labels in a scatter chart (they actually represent product colors) they will be lost as soon as you add a play axis. The colors return to their default colors. As soon as you remove the field from play axis the custom colors will return. 


I'd like the custom colors to retain when I add a play axis to the scatter chart.



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Hi @libertus,


Based on my test in the Power BI desktop version 2.52.4921.682 64-bit (November 2017), the custom color for Category Labels in Scatter chart won't be affected by Play Axis value. 




You can download our test pbix file and test in your environment with the same power bi desktop version. 


Best Regards,
Qiuyun Yu 

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Hi Vicky,


On your file I have no data custom colors ... and I cannot find where to find them too (my fault I gues)

Check this file with custom data colors. If you add a play axis the colors return to their default format.





The issue still exists, both in versions for self-download, and from Microsoft Store. That makes Scatter Chart in Power BI useless in animated scenarios.


I've recorded a reproduction (April 2019 release from the store): 


Also, please find the pbix file here:!AswoYNSd-msEg5YdTf_tFWKmIfmz1A